How to get clients for your business in Kenya in 2019

19Sep, 2019

Acquiring Clients for your business in Kenya

Growth in business can be measured using various dimensions and one of these dimensions is the number of clients served by the business. Learning how to grow a business’s client base is not only vital for the survival of the business but also crucial for its economic success. We live in an era that has been completely overloaded with information. Consumers therefore tend to overlook many advertisements and sales promotion initiatives. It is not strange in Kenya for one to flip between channels just to avoid listening to commercials, or install add blockers on their gadgets when using browsers. Therefore given this shift in the manner in which potential clients tend to interact with commercials and ads, businesses must not only learn the art of creativity but also come up with the most effective platform for attracting different clients. There is no formula set aside that can be used to help a business get clients but there are strategies a business in Kenya can use to make sure this is achieved.

Seeking for referrals

Seeking for referrals is one of the best ways to acquire new clients. It is not ideal to assume that offering a customer great products and good customer service will guarantee word of mouth advertisement. It is important to seek referrals actively. After or during every sale or job, it is important to find out from satisfied consumers if they have any information about anyone else who might be interested in the services or products being offered by the business. In addition to that access to a new client base can also be gained through coming up with strategic alliances with companies that offer services and products that are complementary to the one being offered by the original business- for example, if a business is offering repair services for devices, it is wise to come up with an alliance with a business that sells accessories

Extending market reach

Market research entails making the service or product being offered available to a new pool of consumers. The most commonly used and obvious way of doing so is through coming up with new stores in different locations. These new locations can also be created virtually through coming up with a websites which have an online store. Depending on the demographics of the target market, social media may also be used as an avenue of advertisement- WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter among others.

Trade Shows and exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions bring individuals who are interested in a particular service or product together. However, it is important to carefully select the trade show to take part in, seeking the right clients for the services and products being offered. One of the biggest benefits of attending these trade shows is that it gives one the ability to network, building relationships in person with new clients. Example of such trade shows in Kenya include the Kenya international trade show (KITS), SecurExo East Africa, Naivasha horticultural fair and COMPAST Kenya.

Innovation and invention

Innovation can range from improving available products, introducing new products, processes or even services. This is done after a careful analysis of the market. In order to grow a business’s client base, it is important to have a clear understanding of the market place and understand how customer value can be maximized through innovation. By promoting and discovering new uses of a service or product, new customers are attracted and existing customers consume more. Innovation can not only improve the chances of a business’s survival but also its ability to thrive and increase its client base.

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